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Web Copy: Making it Connect

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

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When someone clicks on your website, they have a purpose in mind. If you can’t convince them in the first few seconds that your site answers that purpose, they will leave. The sad thing is, your website may have the answers they are looking for, it just might not be presenting itself in the right way. A key component to fixing this problem is your web copy. This is part two in a three-part blog series. If you already read part one, read on. If you aren’t quite sure what web copy is, click here to learn more.

Length and Format

The length of each piece of web copy should will depend on its purpose and its location on a page. When someone scans a web page, they usually follow an F-shaped pattern. This means that they first will look closely at the first few lines of the page, then they will start skimming vertically along the left-hand side.

Keeping this in mind, the top of your page should have short statements about the purpose of your website and the benefits it can bring your readers. Use the F-shaped pattern to your advantage by inserting images on the right-hand side of the page and keeping your text on the left if your web copy is getting long. This will help engage site visitors and give them a reason to stay.


How you say something is just as important as what you say. In a blog post, you can write as if you are teaching, because most people read blogs to learn. On a web page, most people are searching for solutions to their problems. In this case, you want to write as if you are helping. Nobody likes the salesman that acts like a know-it-all and tells you what to buy. Everybody likes a salesman that listens to their concerns and provides a solution to their problems.


Because web browsers are generally in a hurry, you can’t afford to waste their time. All your writing needs to have a clear purpose. If your website is for a business, the overall purpose should be to achieve a sale. Therefore, each piece of web copy should help a visitor along the buying process. First, you need to show the benefits of your product or service. This will grab the customer's attention. Second, you need to establish credibility. This comes second because no one cares about your credibility if you can’t solve their problems. Third, you need to direct them to buy a product or service. If your web copy doesn’t fulfill one of these three purposes it may not be worth having on your site.

This post should help you get started on having the proper mindset for updating your web copy. Our next post will contain some concrete tips and tricks that can help you make specific changes that will help increase your customer conversion.

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