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Simplifying Your Workload: Perks of Contracted Work

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

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Staffing a job using independent contractors is an opportunity that many business leaders are taking advantage of. But why? Here are a couple of reasons why you should be considering contracting rather than hiring employees.

Flexibility for a Fluctuating Workload

Being a manager or CEO for a company that is always changing can be a challenge. Who is going to take over when an employee goes on vacation or maternity leave? How can your workflow continue in an efficient, timely manner when the assembly line gets backed up or high season hits? If your company frequently experiences these sorts of obstacles, it may be time for you to consider contracting out work.

Independent contractors may be a great option for you because they, unlike the average employee, don’t require employee-provided benefits or expose the company to potential layoffs or employee-based, legal issues. When business becomes overwhelming, independent contractors can step in to fill almost any company need without any additional costs. They can serve as flexible alternatives—or even long term solutions.


Another great thing about hiring independent contractors to do work for your company is that, more often than not, they bring expertise to the job. Rather than hiring and training a new set of employees to do the job, contractors require minimal instruction. So, for example, rather than hiring a new copywriter who may have limited experience or pose financial burdens to the company, it may be worth your consideration to send work over to an independent contractor with professional training and ‘no strings attached’. Fortunately, you will find that there are freelance workers within almost all areas of business.

Reduced Expenses

As you may already be aware, employees are expensive. In addition to their paycheck, a company is often required to offer certain benefits. It also costs to find, hire, and train employees, as well as to maintain high employee morale, health, and productivity. While employees can be critical keys to a successful company, the benefits of hiring an employee may not outweigh the costs—especially if you are bootstrapping your business.

Due to these high costs, independent contractors can provide your company with a way to mitigate expenses. According to contract, contractors usually do not require more than promised payment and other legal agreements. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on an additional employee when you can get contractors to do the work.

While there are always positives and negatives associated with independent contractors versus employees, independent contractors can offer cost-saving, professional solutions that cater to the needs of your company. No matter if you are a big business or if you’re are pulling your start up by its bootstraps, independent contractors may be just what you need to succeed.

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