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Out of Ideas for Your Business Blog? Here's What You Can Write About!

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Thoughtful woman thinking of ideas to write with pen in hand and a notebook sitting in front of her laptop outside on a balcony in a downtown business sector

A blog can be a fantastic marketing tool. You can boost traffic to your website and improve your SEO ratings by publishing relative, informative content that draws people in. But, what do you do when your wellspring of ideas runs dry? Here are some topics to write about when you run out of ideas.

Industry Trends

What cutting-edge technology is just coming out in your industry? What new innovations are researchers in your field discovering? How are things being done in your industry in more forward-thinking countries? Where will trends go in the next ten or twenty years? Don’t get stuck in the rut of writing about the way things are being done now. Look into the future and give your readers a sneak peek of where your industry is headed. Get them excited about what is to come, and let them see how you are staying ahead of the game.

Comparisons Against Alternatives

People don’t just want to know why they should choose your brand: they want to know why they should choose your brand over another. Research comparable products and services from your competitors and show your readers how they differ. If you take pride in the quality of your materials, highlight that. If you are convinced that your customer service is better than the competition, showcase that. Find where you excel and let people see the difference. Let your strengths shine!


Many products are used beneath their capabilities simply because people don’t know how to use them fully. A how-to blog post can spotlight a specific product from your company and inform readers how to use it. You might even showcase a singular function of the product that is often overlooked. How-to content is also useful for the services that you provide. Many people have a hard time knowing when an offered service would be particularly beneficial for them. Point out specific times that your services could be best put to use.

Every blog writer has experienced some writer’s block. When that happens, it is helpful to think outside of the box and look into the periphery. Often, people’s personal interest in your business comes from the little details of what you do, sell, or offer. They love getting a glimpse into the future of your industry. They want to understand what makes your product or service unique. And, they often need instruction on how to take full advantage of a product or service. If you incorporate these ideas into your next business blog post, you are sure to grab your customers’ attention!

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