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How to Create an Eye-Catching Post: Generating Leads on LinkedIn

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Phone showing a business man's LinkedIn profile indicating that he is a Co-founder and Head of Growth at his business and is currently hiring

LinkedIn is a great option for social media marketing. LinkedIn not only allows you to expand your network, but it can also help you find potential clients. But how do you keep a LinkedIn post from falling flat? How do can you effectively reach out to your network? Learning how to write a killer post on LinkedIn will allow you to generate leads in ways you never thought you could. Here are several things you can implement in your LinkedIn social marketing strategy to help you increase traffic to your brand.

Build the Foundation

Every LinkedIn post is founded on a solid, high-quality profile. Readers will not only see what you say on LinkedIn, but they will look very closely at who is saying it—or, in other words, they are going to look really closely at you. No matter if your post is extremely eye-catching and impactful--nobody is going to trust a low-quality LinkedIn profile. Therefore, before you can really start generating leads on LinkedIn, you need to build the right foundation. You need to show people that you are credible and skilled. Therefore, a huge part of an eye-catching post originates in an online persona.

Take a look at your LinkedIn account. How do your profile and background pictures look? Are they high quality and professional-looking? Does the way you dress and pose yourself make you fit in with your industry? Does your outward appearance evoke a sense of confidence, assertiveness, and professionality? Next, look at the rest of your profile. Is your “About” section clear and powerful? How about your “Overview”? Perfecting these areas of your profile (and other areas) is what will ignite power behind your posts and make them more eye-catching.


There is a reason that the saying, “One picture is worth a thousand words,” is so popular: It’s true! A lot of business professionals on LinkedIn think that their words are going to carry their message alone, but that is just not a realistic way of thinking. If you want to create that eye-catching post that generates leads, you need high-quality visuals. Visuals are what catches the eyes of your viewers. Fortunately, there are a lot services on the internet where you can purchase high-quality photos.

When looking for photos, make sure that you choose images that are unique, authentic, and non-generic. People tend to be moved by emotional images, so choose visuals that produce the intended feeling in your audience: awe, inspiration, courage, curiosity, etc. Second, be willing to diversify your use of visuals. Try your hand at creating a fun infographic or meme. Or, you can always post a short video. In general, the more you can provide your LinkedIn network with original, unique visual materials, the more they will remain interested in what you have to say.

Short and Sweet

How many times have you skipped over a post on social media because it looked too long? You are not alone if you frequently do this. People most often appreciate a message that they can receive quickly and effectively. Therefore, in order to make your post eye-catching to viewers, make sure that your message is clear and concise. Rather than writing in bulky paragraphs, separate each idea so that no statement takes up more than three lines. If you can’t keep it short, at least write a brief, one-line statement at the very beginning that ‘hooks’ your readers. Make this statement interesting and impactful. But, the ideal is always short and sweet.

It can feel discouraging to have so many great things to offer, but no one seems to listen. When business professionals struggle generating leads on LinkedIn, they may start losing confidence in their message. But this is a huge mistake. You don’t need to change your message to reach your target audience. You just need to be willing to improve your tactics.

LinkedIn is only one of many online marketing tactics that can be used to boost your brand. InContext Creations will help you further increase your business’ visibility on the web through blog articles.

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