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How to Align Your Content Marketing Strategy With Your Company’s Vision

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

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Your company’s vision statement is the “why” of everything you do. It gives you and your entire team purpose and direction. Every aspect of your business should grow up around your vision, including your mission statement, your company culture, and your marketing plan. Here are some tips to help you align your content marketing strategy with your company’s vision.

Focus on Problem Solving

People are constantly on the lookout for solutions to their problems. Problem-based marketing means that you can accurately locate your target audiences' “pain points” and show them how your business can solve them. Shrewd marketers are so good at pointing out pain points that they can open people’s eyes to problems they didn’t even know they had.

For example, most people don’t realize that their carpets are teaming beds of pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, pollen, pesticides, dirt, pollutants, dust mites, dead skin, and even cockroach allergens. A wise marketing team for a carpet cleaning company will point that fact out, along with the recommendation from the American Lung Association to deep-clean carpets at least once a year.

This is a good opportunity to practice your good show-don’t-tell content creation. For the above example, this could be a before and after picture of a carpet sample under a microscope. In your content marketing, help your audience to recognize a problem and then show them in no uncertain terms how your business will solve it for them.

Improve Customer Outreach

Your vision statement should include your ideal customer outreach. After all, your vision for your company is heavily reliant on establishing customer loyalty. If you want a warm, personal relationship with your customers you should reflect that in your content marketing. Improve your customer loyalty with a consistent customer outreach plan. This could include a customer loyalty program, VIP rewards, and personal outreach such as birthday cards and special holiday offers.

Share a Consistent Message

You convey sincerity when your core values are integral to everything you do. Drive home your vision statement through consistent branding and strategic marketing. You can showcase your vision and values in even the smallest details, such as your slogans, color schemes, and image choices. Finally, a business blog is the ideal platform to convey your vision, incorporate your values, expand your outreach, and market your goods and services through relevant and compelling content.

When you align your content marketing with your core values you show integrity. This then gives your customers greater confidence in your company. As you create content for marketing, always ask yourself if it resonates with your vision statement.

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