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Becoming a Better Writer

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Female writer working on writing out ideas

I honestly never considered that I would make a living through writing. In school, I excelled in mathematics, physics, and dance. Being a writer wasn’t in my life plan. However, I soon discovered that writing was an integral part of my chosen degree. I studied mechanical engineering and it was essential that I learn to communicate technical elements in a clear and concise manner.

All Jobs Can Use Writing

Hopefully, I don’t have to convince you that writing is important. If I do, consider the following. Writing is one of the best ways to record your thoughts and ideas for others. Not all jobs employ this tool, but all jobs can.

Consider the job of an athlete. Most people would say that athletes don’t need to write at all. Sure, they don’t need to write essays, but the most successful athletes have learned to cultivate a positive public image through social media posts. This doesn’t necessarily require good grammar, but it does require a sense of ethos, pathos, and logos which are key elements of quality writing. The athletes with the most fans, are the ones that can sell themselves the best on all platforms through what they say, write, and do. If you start to think outside the box, you can see how writing can up you image in any setting.

Write Frequently

You become a better writer by writing frequently. This advice is old news. But I’d like to offer a small tweak. Practice writing frequently about the same thing. This is a technique used in many other disciplines. Dancers will practice the same turn repeatedly. Artists will often paint the same landscape. Writers should repeatedly write on the same topic. Writing about the same topic repeatedly will force you to be more creative.

When you can write on anything, it is very easy to come up with something different to write about. This doesn’t force you to think deeply, and your writing becomes shallow. When you are writing your tenth piece on How to Improve Your Mindset, it becomes more difficult to say something new. You have to dig deeper and get more creative. This exercise can really help improve the depth of your writing.

Practice Ideation

One of the biggest problems for writers is the so-called writer’s block. A writer just can’t think about what they should be writing about. They would have plenty to say, if they could just think of a topic to write about. Just like other parts of writing, coming up with ideas is also something you should practice. You can easily do this with the following exercise.

· Pick an Audience – teens, minorities, ballet dancers, etc.

· Pick a Genre – poem, social media post, blog post, novel, etc

· Consider what connects with your Audience

· Write down as many topics as possible

· For each topic, write at least three subtopics

· Time yourself

You don’t need to write anything based on what you do in this ideation practice. The point is to help you practice coming up with ideas. But it may not be a bad idea to finish the project anyway.

As you work on your writing, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can improve. You will also begin to see how you can use that writing in different parts of your life. You may even find that writing can become a very therapeutic way for you to deal with the stresses that we all face in life.


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