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3 Essentials for Your Digital Marketing Toolbox

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

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Digital marketing is less expensive, reaches further, and is more easily targeted to your core audience than traditional marketing methods. It offers businesses the flexibility to market products and services in real-time. Digital marketing also offers the measurability to truly gauge how marketing strategies are doing. As you develop your digital marketing plan, be sure to include the following tools.

Keyword Analysis

One way to significantly boost traffic to your website is to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. You can do this by selecting high-volume keywords to use in your content. This task is made much easier with a keyword analysis system. These tools can generate thousands of keywords from a single seed keyword, build your seed keywords into relevant long-tail keywords, analyze the searcher intent behind specific keywords, and observe and analyze how well your keywords are generating hits. Many keyword analysis products will compare your keywords against your competitors and discover new phrases from your rivals' keywords.

Content Management

Content management systems (CMS) are designed to increase your digital marketing efficiency, publish both written and visual content within one interface, and make things easier for people who don’t have high levels of technical knowledge. Additionally, a content management system will assist you in keeping your various forms of content organized and searchable. Your CMS will not only save you time and money, but it will also heighten your online security and help you build your customer base. Trello and WordPress are excellent tools for small business owners, especially if you are a beginner at publishing online content.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools can take over many of your digital marketing tasks, freeing you up to focus on the most important aspects of your business. With the help of a good marketing automation tool, you get the combined power of focused marketing analytics, strategic email campaigning, and time-saving autoresponders.

Autoresponders are especially helpful as an email marketing and customer service tool. Instead of spending hours building your customer base, replying to inquiries, and fielding complaints, let an autoresponder do it for you. This is a great way to solidify your relationship with leads, provide a real-time chat window for people with basic questions, and placate unhappy customers until you can contact them personally.

If you are a new or growing business, you might be concerned about the cost of these tools. Rest assured that the money spent on digital marketing will be well worth the investment. However, there are several free options available online to try first.

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