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3 Blogging Myths that You Should Forget... NOW

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Female entrepreneur sitting against a wall working on writing a blog on her laptop with several books stacked next to her

Ever thought about starting a blog, but then got cold feet because of things you heard or feared? Most of us have probably heard some of these classic, blogging myths: 1) if you struggle writing, there is no way that you can succeed as a blogger, 2) blogging is merely a fad, or 3) unless you post every day, your blog won’t go anywhere. Well, I am here to tell you that these are nothing but fiction.

If You Struggle Writing, You Can’t Succeed

Many of us like to think that most talents and abilities are hereditary. But most ‘gifts’ aren’t really gifts at all—rather, they are privileges that come from hard work and effort. Writing is no different. Just because you may have struggled to write eloquent essays in grade school doesn’t mean that you cannot produce a successful blog for your business.

While the old adage goes, “practice makes perfect,” I would add one tweak to that proverb: quality practice makes perfect. There are a lot of things, or quality elements of practice, you can start doing today to improve your writing ability. First, consider brushing up on the good ol’ grammar basics. Many people who struggle with writing don’t necessarily struggle to formulate logical thoughts or good ideas, but rather struggle portraying them on paper. Good grammar can make all the difference between a piece of haphazard writing and quality writing.

Second, read good writing. Human beings tend to practice mimicry. Reading good writing allows you to learn from the professionals and develop good, lasting habits. While you are reading, ask yourself questions like, “How does the writer reach out to her or his audience?” and “What sort of tactic does the author use to fulfill his or her purpose?” Then, apply what you learn. Just don’t forget that even these professional writers experienced a lot of mess-ups before finding their success.

Third, make an outline. Often for me, I experience ‘writer’s block’ when I have either so many ideas that it is difficult to organize them, or not enough information about a given topic that I feel stuck. An outline can help you move past either of these conundrums. So, next time you are struggling to write, do a little research and make an outline. You will be surprised at how easily your words spill onto the page after just a little bit of planning and preparation.

Blogging is Merely a Fad

I can’t stress enough how wrong this common blogging myth is. Blogging is not just a fad, even if it has been around for a relatively long time. In fact, researchers have found that companies who blog at least once or twice a month generate 70% more leads than non-blogging businesses. Yeah, crazy right? But it is true. Blogging allows you to connect with potential clients or your general audience in a way that no other marketing tactic allow you to do. Yes, is can sometimes be a hassle but don’t forget what the statistics say: you really only need to post once or twice a month to experience the wonders of blogging. That’s not too bad, right?

And generating leads is not the only benefit to blogging, especially if you are maintaining a business blog. Blogging helps motivate you to produce fresh content frequently. It builds your company’s credibility and provides you with more opportunities to advertise your services. Blogging also allows for keyword building, improving your business’ SEO, or search engine optimization. Ever wonder why certain items pop up on your search feed or why your company’s homepage doesn’t? It has a lot to do with your website or blog’s SEO. The more you blog, the more your SEO improves.

So, rather than dismissing blogging, get in a habit of consistently producing a blog article every other week, or even just once a month. Look into keyword building and research more about how you can improve your SEO through blogging. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Post Every Day or Expect to Fail

The previous statistic helps bust this common myth as well: you really don’t need to be posting constantly to have a successful blog. In reality, once a week or twice a month is all you really need to get a good head start on your blog. In fact, blogging every day will only lead to burn out—and frequency doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

So, there really is no need to fear when it comes to blogging. Blogging doesn’t have to be a full-time job. While you will want to post consistently, consistently doesn’t mean every day. In reality, the only challenge is remembering to blog at least once or twice a month. For this reason, it will be important to get in a blogging routine or set reminders to help you remember to post. Try picking a specific day of the week, or a specific day of the month, that is memorable. For example, you could plan to post every first day of the month, or squeeze in some writing time every Monday morning before you get started on your day. If that doesn’t help, set reminders on your phone, or put it on your calendar or checklist.

Lastly, don’t give up if it takes some time to make blogging a routine. Start with small goals. Have patience for yourself and your blog if you are just starting or if you are struggling to produce quality writing. All good things come with a little time and effort. In the end, find a way to make blogging a priority for your personal life or your business. It will make a huge difference in the end.

Finally, know that you don’t have to embrace blogging on your own. There are plenty of tools to help you succeed. If you want to learn more about how InContext Creations can help you get your company or personal blog started today, feel free to contact us for a free trial.


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