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Avanlee and Jonathan Peterson


No one likes hearing the words, "I've got some bad news." 

But those words sang a sad harmony within our ears. We were independent contractors who edited web content for a marketing company and this was the manager on the phone.  

"We don't have anymore editing work for you."

We couldn't believe it. It was the start of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown and we had nowhere to go. Being poor college students, how would we pay the bills? What would we do?

"But, here's the good news." 


Our sunken faces perked up a bit.


"Rather than editing articles, we could have you write them instead. Would you be open to that?"

Our hearts raced. We wouldn't starve after all! The work would be sparse and we would probably be the first without work if any extenuating circumstances arose, but it would be sufficient for our needs for the time being. We eagerly accepted the offer. 

In order to prove our value to the company and keep receiving work throughout the pandemic, we worked hard at writing quality articles. Having previously edited other content writers' work, we felt confident that our writing was competitive and of much higher quality. Our hard work paid off and we received many compliments. As a result, our passion for writing grew and an idea sparked in our minds:


What if we made this into a business?

Our content creation business would offer what few content writers or marketing companies could: quality and speed...


Both at the same time!


Businesses and marketing agencies wouldn't have to employ a team of editors to fix the mountainous amount of errors on their content--rather, the content would be HIGH QUALITY right upfront. They would get what they paid for at double the turnaround rate. They would feel confident in their online content. They would get what they always deserved. 

As we began to make plans for our new start-up, we realized that our business didn't merely need to benefit us as owners, but that it could HELP OTHERS who needed it. 

We recognized a great need in the writing community. Many college students and single parents with writing expertise needed jobs just as much as we did--if not more--during the COVID pandemic. They were skilled in writing, but did not have connections to employers who could utilize their skills. 

So, what did we do? We married the two needs together to create a perfect solution! 

We called the solution "InContext Creations."


Businesses and marketing agencies could get quality, inexpensive content at a quick turnaround rate. At the same time, our writers would be connected to companies that desired their skill, while also receiving the job opportunities and writing experience they needed. 

So who are we? And what do we offer?

Small businesses: Most small businesses struggle getting customers to notice them. We provide businesses with quality blog content, helping them to claim their space on the web, demonstrate their industry expertise, and win their customers’ loyalty. 

Marketing companies: Most marketing companies spend hundreds of hours producing vast amounts of content for their clients’ SEO. We exist to do the job for them, providing quality blog articles at a fast turnaround rate so that they can focus more time and energy on serving their clients.

Independent Writers: Many independent writers are in need of work that offers both invaluable writing experience and financial opportunities. We help connect independent, experienced writers to paying clients so that they can reach their potential and earn money while doing it.


Our passion for quality is what allows us to promise you the best of the best.  

But don't just take our word for it. Check us out today!

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